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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Moltuk Mobilya does not share your personal or commercial information with anyone.


Expecting the same respect from you, do not share the price list, product features or any data shared with you that will constitute a trade secret with anyone else.


Moltuk Furniture will provide all the necessary dedication for product delivery. It will carry out processes such as packaging of the product, loading, completing official procedures for you.

We all processes while pursuing our expectations from you to you, the responsibility of the turkey products outside your country to purchase it on the road...

As an example of your responsibilities;

- Ensuring that the customer is careful in the delivery of the product, informing us about the problems that may occur after sales, and avoiding all problems that may damage the "brand value" and find solutions, such as the supply of necessary spare parts.

We do not want to do "one-off" trade with any of our customers.

Our biggest goal is a systematic and regular working partnership like the organs of a body.

We expect you to be completely transparent when doing business with us and sharing in solving problems.

We can resolve any remaining issues in accordance with the principle of "integrity". "Legal" We can manufacture any product, "supply" for you.