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About Us

Moltuk Mobilya has been founded in 1985 and since its foundation the brand has been the devotee of new technology trends and developments and takes place among the finest manufacturers in Turkey. 

Moltuk is open for progress, combines the technologic developments with spotless craftsmanship and has in vestments in Çorlu, Tekirdağ.

Every day more and more homes both in Turkey and abroad meet the comfortable and well-built designs of Moltuk and attractive and specious decorations are finalised. 

Moltuk aims to create jobs opportunities with its short term investments and also targets to raise the bar manufacturing products eligible with EU standards.

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Moltuk is an Ideal Furniture Brand.

Our work in Turkey (Retail Customers) "Ideal Furniture" while receiving service under the brand name "Our customers worldwide" "Moltuk" for services under the brand name.

turkey since 1985. We provide services to clients.

As of the decision we made in 2010, we started to work on the "Moltuk" brand to create a world brand. Until 2017, we have carried out processes such as renewing machine systems, strengthening model studies, training experienced staff, and we have conducted a brand study until this time. Believing that our preparations are complete in "2018", we created the "Moltuk" Brand.